Sunday, April 1, 2007

My First Blog!

I am so excited to be blogging! This is new for me. I thought It would be a great way to keep the family informed without all the phone calls (not that I don't like all of your phone calls but, I always seem to leave someone out of some important information!). Anyway, it takes quite a while to call the entire family to inform you about anything.

Update on Ray:
Dad moved from the hospital to the rehab center on tuesday of this week. The staff is very attentive and responsive to his needs. He is getting a great deal of therapy and hopefully will rebound quickly. He gave the nurses a hard time at dinner tonight and refused to eat his food. They took him back to his room and gave him a quick once over only to discover that he has thrush in his mouth. Most likely a side effect of all the antibiotics he has been taking. No wonder he did not want to eat! Thrush can be very uncomfortable. They got him some medication right away and if he needs it they can always give him I.V. fluids through his pic line (a kind of semi-permanant I.V. line they installed at the hospital) until he decides to start eating again. They were also going to try some thickened liquid nutrition shakes. Anyway, his roommate is really nice and tries to keep Dad alert and going most of the day. I guess he knows Michelle's family (small world!). I will keep you all posted on Dad's condition as often as possible.

I am putting together a Smith Family scrapbook (mostly for myself because I like that sort of stuff!) I thought I would let you know in case anyone had any extra pictures or fun stories they would like to share with me. I have only been a part of the family for ten years and don't know every story, yet! -I would love to be able to include things about Rob growing up and Grandma/Grandpa Smith especially for Matt to see. Anyway, Thanks for the input!

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William said...

Oh my gosh-you too have a blog? Am I the only person in the universe not blogging? I've got to get with the times.