Monday, March 9, 2009

Family Update

Well, it has been a crazy couple of weeks in the Smith household! We are now back to a family of 3. The adoption of the 2 boys has officially failed. Our caseworker said it is normal to have this happen-sometimes a few times. It is hard to find the "right match". The past six months have been rough on all of us. We are now just working on getting back to our version of normal.

Yaahoo!!! I graduated from massage school on saturday. We had a bunch of friends over to celebrate. It felt like old times. We haven't really been very social lately (due to all the adoption stuff and school etc.). Anyway, I am looking forward to having life settle down a bit. Thanks to all who have let me practice on your muscles.

I am working with my friend Debbie to put together some really fun craft classes. We are setting up shop and should have a schedule out soon. Let me know if you have any requests or ideas for classes, techniques or tools that you would like to learn about.

That's about it for tonight--Thanks for checking in!

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so glad you finally updated your blog! the background is cute. i feel so special. i have been named personally in your post. :0)