Monday, January 24, 2011

Seattle vs. Portland

This weekend I took a continuing education class in Portland, Oregon. I was a little surprised in how different it is from the Seattle area-where I grew up. Now, I admit that I have been living in a smaller area of unincorporated pierce county for almost 9 years now. So, my idea of what the "city" should be like could be a little bit dated. While I had a great weekend and loved my class on teaching infant massage to parents I was not too impressed with the area-especially the roads. I couldn't believe how horrible the road signs were. I kept getting lost and having to turn around. There aren't many street lights so, forget driving around when its dark unless you know exactly where you are going. I am extremely lucky that my younger brother, Ben lives in Portland and was able to help talk me towards my destination. We did get Voo Doo Doughnuts thanks to Ben and Pok Pok Thai -thanks to a class mate who looked up on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives before she came to class. The food was definitely amazing! One more's nice to know about one-way streets before you turn on to them!!!

Let me know your experiences with driving in Portland : )



I hate driving in any city!! The food places sound good! I hope you had fun.....did you learn any techniques for extremely stressed out mothers of 4?? :0)

cms said...

Debbie...I can relax you!!! But, my class was on infant massage. Specifically, teaching parents how to massage their own infants. It was very informative and I am excited to get started!