Sunday, March 16, 2008


Hello! I know I haven't been great about keeping up to date on our blog-I am sorry! Here is a little update on life over here at the Smith household.

Matt is doing great in first grade. He is reading so well and loves math. Coach-Pitch softball starts soon. This will be his third year on the same team. Matt loves having his daddy as coach. Matt is really into Pokemon-He was so excited to attend his friend's Pokemon birthday party this past weekend.

Rob is busy, busy, as usual. He is teaching Seminary every morning and then commuting to either Bellevue or Seattle for work. His latest project is our master bedroom. He is trimming out the windows and putting in new baseboard. He just got finished painting the walls and I got my new curtains put up (along with a new bed/bedding). I love the spring! Everyone gets so excited to finish projects!

I am attending school to become a Lisenced Massage Practitioner (LMP). I love it. The hours fit perfectly into my schedule. I also run my church's scrapbook group and lead the activity day meetings (8 - 11 year old girls-kinda like girl scouts!). And, I am starting an adoption/infertility support group in our area. We meet once a month for lunch and try to help each other out where possible. I am so excited for spring to finally come!!!!! I have been working in my garden and watching all the bulbs bloom. I love this time of the year.

I am going to try really hard to keep up with my posts here (especially, so my sister Sarah and her friend Jaime will stop bugging me!)

Talk to ya soon!

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Anonymous said...

My pretty yellow flowers are coming up all over the lawn. Ha! Got to get the moss killer out also. It turns the lawn black for several weeks but it will come back. BC

mrn said...

Finally, Colleen! I check regularly hoping for an update on the Smith crew. So thrilled to see it, and to know all is mighty swell with y'all!

Jaime said...

FINALLYYYYYYY!!!! I am so happy to read an update on you guys. Keep the updates coming, we love to read all about you guys.

Sounds like things are going really well, and I'm so happy for you guys. Matt sounds like a delightful little boy.