Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New additions

Well, most of you have heard by now that we have a few more boys in our home! Juan and Enrique moved into our home in september and we are working towards making an adoption finalized. We are quickly adjusting to having 3 energetic boys around! Juan turned 3 in November and is attending preschool while I am at class. Rique turned 5 in August and is going to afternoon kindergarten at the same school that Matt is at. They are both very smart, fun boys. They both have some health issues that we are uncovering and dealing with slowly. For the most part they are just really active boys! I haven't actually sat thru a church meeting since they have moved in-It is a whole different life with a 3 yr old around! Matt is learning to live with other people taking up Mom and Dad's time. He has been pretty lucky to have us all to himself for so long. It is a big change for him to have to share his toys and house and his friends! I need to go put Juan down for his nap. I will try to get back on when he is asleep. I hope you are all staying warm-it has been freezing here all week! (No school today!)


Julie said...

Oh, they are cuties! Life sure changes fast doesn't it! We are super super happy for all of you!!!

Whitney said...

OH MY GOSH Congratulations!!! Those boys are so cute! I'm so glad i found your blog. I have wondered for a while if you had one. I hope all is going well with you guys. I'm back in the states now and am just living in Florida with my parents. Anyway, hope to talk to you soon.